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DATE: Apr 17th, 2023
China's leading mobile stage maker HUAYUAN recently partnered with a US event planning company. A ST315 mobile hydraulic stage trailer was also delivered. In addition, Huayuan will also assist the event planning company to complete the engineering certification of the mobile stage in the United States to ensure the smooth operation of legal compliance in the local market.

 mobile stage hydraulic stage trailer
Huayuan is a manufacturer with extensive experience and technical expertise in the field of mobile stage manufacturing. Its products are widely used in performances, events and exhibitions around the world. In this cooperation, Huayuan successfully delivered a ST315 8 m hydraulic mobile stage trailer to an American event planning company, providing them with a high-performance, high-quality mobile stage.

ST315 hydraulic stage mobile trailer is one of Huayuan's flagship products, with advanced hydraulic lifting system and strong steel frame structure, excellent performance and stable operation. The trailer's stage platform is 7.8 meters wide and 6.6 meters deep, providing a spacious performance area while also having a strong load capacity, suitable for a variety of outdoor performances and activities.

In addition to providing high-quality mobile stages, Huayuan will also assist American event planning companies in completing the certification process for mobile stages. Taking into account local safety regulations and structural engineering standards in the United States, Huayuan will conduct detailed inspections and modifications to the ST315 hydraulic mobile stage trailer, including upgrading the braking and suspension systems, to ensure the safety of the trailer during transportation and use. In addition, Huayuan will also adjust the stage lighting and sound system to meet US electrical standards.

In the whole cooperation process, Huayuan works closely with American event planning companies to provide professional technical support and solutions to ensure the smooth progress of the phased certification process. Both parties worked together to complete the phased certification, which laid a solid foundation for American event planning companies to operate in the local market.

This case once again demonstrates Huayuan's commitment to providing high quality stage equipment and excellent customer service. By partnering with American event planning companies and assisting in the certification process, Huayuan has demonstrated its commitment to meeting the needs of the global performance and event industry and further solidified its position as the market's leading mobile stage manufacturer.
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