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S445 Mobile stage semi-trailer in Kazakhstan

DATE: Feb 17th, 2023

Kazakhstan, a vast country in Central Asia, is known for its rugged landscape, ancient history and nomadic culture. It is a land of contrasts, where modern cities meet traditional villages and pristine nature reserves. In such a diverse country, the mobile stage has become an important tool for events and performances.

A user from Kazakhstan shared his experience of using the 445 Mobile Stage semi-trailer at the event.

The musician told me he was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which the moving stage was set up. HUAYUANS445 Mobile Stage Semi-trailer is designed for quick and easy installation and removal, perfect for outdoor activities. The musician said it took his team less than an hour to set up the stage, which was impressive considering it was his first time using a mobile stage.

The musician also praised the quality of the stage. HUAYUANS445 Mobile stage semi-trailer is made of high-quality materials, which is reflected in the sound quality of his performance. The stage was designed with acoustics in mind and the musician said it was the best stage he had ever performed on.

Another characteristic the musicians appreciate about the HUAYUANS445 Mobile stage semi-trailer is its maneuverability. The stage is designed to be tractable by truck for easy transportation to any location. The musician said he was able to take the stage to remote locations that were difficult to reach, and he appreciated the flexibility it offered him.

The musician also talked about how he feels when he performs on stage. He said he felt he was on a world-class stage, which added to the performance. The HUAYUANS445 Mobile stage semi-trailer is designed to be an impressive spectacle, and the musician says it increases the energy and enthusiasm of the audience.

All in all, the HUAYUANS445 Mobile Stage semi-trailer has proven to be an excellent addition to Kazakhstan's event industry. Its ease of use, quality, mobility and overall impression make it a popular choice for events across the country. The musician I spoke with shared his positive experience and feelings using the HUAYUANS445 Mobile stage semi-trailer, believing that others who have used it will have the same feelings.

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We HUAYUAN Mobile Stage would like to thank the musician and his team for this recognition. And give you a detailed introduction of our S455 mobile stage semi-trailer.

S445 is the first 40GP semi-trailer stage produced by HUAYUAN Mobile Stage manufacturer. When the stage box is closed, the box body size is 12190×2500×4100mm, and the maximum total mass can be carried is 30000kg. The width of the stage is 11.9m, the depth is 8.8m, and the total area is 98 square meters. Each square meter can bear 450KG. Also can and can be based on customer requirements to increase the manual expansion of the stage to increase the activity area of the stage. The height from the ground to the stage is 1.5-1.6m, the height from the stage to the ceiling is 4.6m, the total height is 6.1m, and the ceiling carries 4000KG.

S445 semi-trailer stage preset LED stage light hanger, linear array bracket and power socket, each linear array bracket can bear 400-1000kg. As a result, you can easily hang and insert stage effects lighting and sound linear array systems.

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High-quality materials, exquisite craft and innovative design are the persistent goals of HUAYUAN Mobile Stage, providing safe and efficient guarantee for your activities. The frame of HUAYUAN semi-trailer stage box body is made of high-quality rectangular pipes and steel plate pressed frame, and phosphating and rust prevention treatment is made before the frame is manufactured. The outer panel of the top plate is glass reinforced plastic plate, and the outer panel of the wing plate is Holypan. Steel tubes for LED skylight lights are installed inside the wings. One truss (aluminum) is arranged under each end of the wing plate as the structural safety support, and the two ends of the rear wing plate are arranged with the same size truss; The left and right sides of the stage turn outward through the hydraulic system to form the stage plane. The stage mouth is on the right side of the carriage. The leg of the stage is built-in and can be manually adjusted, which is hidden in the stage plate when closed. Stage semitrailer stage bottom plate and folding stage plate is made of birch multi-layer waterproof, non-slip professional stage board.

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To ensure that the event planner safely and perfectly complete each project activity under any circumstances. The opening and closing of the mobile stage adopts the independent power unit hydraulic system, and the control mode is wireless remote control and manual button, to realize the overall lifting of the top, wing flip, stage flip and hydraulic leg lift. There are four hydraulic legs at four corners of the car body, which is easy to stabilize the vehicle. Each leg can bear no less than 5 tons. There are four hydraulic cylinders in the ceiling of the car body, each bearing no less than 5 tons. The left and right wing panels of the car body are opened by three cylinders, and the thrust of each cylinder is no less than 3.5 tons.

To save time and manpower for users has always been the goal and direction of HUAYUAN mobile stage manufacturer, and to provide professional and multi-functional mobile stage solutions. Whether you are an individual, a church or an event planning company, you and your team can visit our factory at any time, we will provide you with a full set of professional training free of charge. For you to quickly build a wonderful concert, festival, music tour, church outreach, Crusades, live event production and more.

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