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DATE: Dec 17th, 2021

In this era of rapid development of science and technology, although people are no longer busy for food and clothing, but has long been a strain of study and work pressure brings the sustainability of the brain nervous, physical and mental fatigue, make people become more urgent need more stress and relax, this makes all kinds of outdoor performances, entertainment activities more and more active and important, People taking part in outdoor activities in the process of body and mind to relax, gradually in the process of take part in outdoor activities, everyone went along with increased more harmonious relationship between family members, friends, make every cell in the body is awakened, not only gives a person the purification of ideological, more important is to bring the purification of the physical and mental satisfaction, the sublimation of the soul. More artists and singers have been born in these beneficial outdoor performances.

In order to bring hope and happiness to people, they have gone from small indoor parties and performance stages to large outdoor stage concerts. In order for people to present a more perfect performance, they spend a lot of manpower, money and time to build the stage, trusses, set up LED screens, lighting systems and sound systems.

HUAYUAN Mobile Stage was born to reduce the cost and time of traditional stage building process, making every effort to provide a portable mobile stage mounted on a truck or trailer for outdoor activities.

After more than ten years of experience accumulation and technology precipitation, HUAYUAN has made new improvements and achievements in the domestic mobile stage industry, and submitted 6 mobile stage patent applications in 2021.

In December of this year, the patent application for the 8-meter hoisting container stage was successful and the patent certificate was obtained.

stage trailer 
mobile stage
mobile stage trailer

Most outdoor performances in China use stage trucks or semi-trailers, while many foreign countries use stage trailers as tools for outdoor performances. Due to the motor vehicle technical standards and regulations of the countries are different, our foreign clients in imported cars because of the limitation of the local laws and regulations, the customs clearance and are subject to different degrees of distress, when a vehicle is registered at the same time, the shipping cost is higher and higher also trailer for our foreign customers to purchase stage caused the cost burden.

To solve these problems, HUAYUAN has developed a lifting container mobile stage.

It can be transported as a separate cargo. All you need to do is to make a local trailer chassis that meets the law and fasten it to the stage car body.

The opening and closing of the stage chamber is accomplished by the hydraulic system.

The container stage is equipped with container standard corner pieces at the bottom of the box, which are connected and secured to the trailer chassis by container twistlocks, making installation and disassembly easier and more reliable.

The front body weight should be kept between 10% and 12% of the total weight to ensure the safety of the trailer.

Container stage is suitable for all countries and has strong universality. Also greatly reduces the cost of shipping, only need to be packed in 40HC shipping containers for transportation.

The four hydraulic legs of the stage trailer frame are detachable, which can not only support the moving stage but also ensure the overall stability of the stage trailer.

We look forward to more customers according to their actual situation to choose the need of mobile stage trailer form, also look forward to our container stage for your outdoor performance activities to provide more useful help and solutions.


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