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DATE: Jul 26th, 2022

Mobile stage solutions  


CEO of HUAYUAN Stage Truck has been engaged in the research and development and supervision of stage vehicles in China since 1990, and has made China's first mobile stage truck operated by double-side automatic hydraulic remote control.
In the period when China's outdoor activities are booming, HUAYUAN's design and technology are also improving rapidly, and it has received demands from outdoor activity companies, churches, governments, individuals and other groups around the world. Combining customers' ideas and activity requirements, HUAYUAN designs and manufactures mobile stages to meet the needs of different countries and groups. to make the sceSince the roads in Africa and some Southeast Asian countries are not very smooth, HUAYUAN recommends mobile stage truck and semi-trailer stage for them; For somecountries in Australia, Europe, South America and North America, which are limited by the standard of truck chassis, HUAYUAN has designed and customized the stage trailer and container hydraulic stage. We also provide the surrounding activity vehicles and stage equipment matching the mobile stage, such as: LED display billboard trailer, LED screen advertising truck, road show trailer, LED screen, lighting system, sound system and generator, etc., and the complete solution related to outdoor activities.

Hydraulic stage trailer  


Traditional outdoor activities need a lot of manpower and money to build outdoor activity venues. The whole activity usually takes a week or even more time from start to finish.
The hydraulic system operates the opening and closing of the stage for most types of mobile stage of HUAYUAN Stage truck. Depending on the type of mobile stage, it can take from a few minutes to 3 hours to create a live activity stage just like magic.
HUAYUAN's mobile stage is equipped with power sockets and central electrical control cabinets for all stage equipment, and lighting can be installed as required. Both sides of the ceiling can be set with activity-related advertising banners, so that your activities more attract attention; You can also hang the sound system from the ceiling or put it on the stage to make the scene more shocking; Smoke lamps and other props can be placed in the front of the stage to make the atmosphere even hotter.
HUAYUAN mobile stage operation is simple, fast, easy to use, anytime with you anywhere to build your outdoor activity venues!
stage truck  
  1. HUAYUAN mobile stage is operated by hydraulic remote control, which has a broad vision. Convenient operation and control, automatic control is adopted to expand and fold the stage chamber body, safe and fast, compact mechanism, firm and reliable connection and installation, stable positioning. Reliable electrical control system, control system voltage with safe voltage (DC24V).
  2. Under the maximum wind speed of 30m/s, the mobile stage will not tilt, and the stage carries 396 kg/m2. In addition to its own weight, the total weight of the stage ceiling is 1,500 to 6,000 kilograms, depending on the type of lights, sound and scenery that can be hung.
  3. The stage panel is made of waterproof and non-slip laminating board with birch core, with two specifications of thickness of 12mm and 18mm. It has good physical properties and avoids the phenomenon of swelling, cracking and deformation caused by outdoor environment (wind, rain and sun) for a long time.
  4. All cylinders of this hydraulic system are equipped with hydraulic-controlled check valves (hydraulic locks) inside, so that the system can self-lock in case of tubing rupture caused by external damage. The main valve block is equipped with two groups of hydraulic lock, double protection system, so that the stage and ceiling lifting and expansion state (stage performance state), within 24 hours without any sliding or falling phenomenon, to ensure the effective and safe stage performance.
  5. the lifting of the ceiling is achieved by lifting the oil cylinder and guide pillar system, and the oil path is shunted by a synchronous motor, and the synchronization accuracy is less than 1%. The cylinder only bears axial force, which can greatly enhance the cylinder life. Each guide post is provided with a safety latch to ensure the safety of the stage performance process.
  1. Provide 24-hour online service and technical support.
  2. HUAYUAN products provide lifelong technical service support.
  3. Collect problems, failures and solutions to form a knowledge base, and send regular feedback to all HUAYUAN customers in the form of emails to avoid similar problems and failures.
  4. For each model sold by HUAYUAN, online or on-site professional training (product operation, maintenance and matters needing attention, etc.) can also be provided to customers at their locations for on-site technical guidance according to their needs.
  5. We promise that all products sold can share our company's after-sales service network. The warehouse of our maintenance center has enough spare parts to provide excellent after-sales service and technical support for customers' mobile stage vehicles more quickly and efficiently.
HUAYUAN Stage truck walking on the road of progress, is doing the same thing with individuals, companies, churches and government units from different countries! Are all around the family, friends and career struggle! The goal of HAUYUAN's mobile stage is to make outdoor events easier and break new ground with colleagues, friends and clients who share the same dream. We are not only business partners with buying and selling relations, but also friends who accompany us all the way.
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