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DATE: Jul 28th, 2022

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More than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing mobile stage trucks and trailers. Customer feedback and suggestions make our quality and service constantly improve and grow. HUAYUAN Stage Truck carefully do a good job of each product, to ensure that each model of our mobile stage to maintain the best performance.
Each time the mobile stage is delivered, there are clear paper user manual instructions, electronic instructions and video guides for operation, maintenance and troubleshooting, and a certain number of spare parts required for maintenance.
Our factory provides free technical training and after-sales service 24 hours a day to ensure that your activities and events can be successfully completed. to make the sceAfter-sales service department consists of a minister and two deputy ministers, who manage the authorized service network of countries and regions that have purchased HUAYUAN mobile stage vehicles, and monitor and manage the service network. While sharing our company's service network, customers can enjoy our technical team's lifelong technical service support for the products they have already purchased.
After-sale service center of HUAYUAN stage truck has a sufficient number of special accessories such as hydraulic system for the corresponding model of mobile stage, and timely provide relevant accessories according to the needs of each branch and customers.The after-sale service center of HUAYUAN stage truck has a sufficient number of special accessories such as hydraulic system for the corresponding model of mobile stage, and timely provide relevant accessories according to the needs of each branch and customers.
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In order to ensure that the mobile stage vehicles sold by our company can work safely and efficiently, and provide good after-sales service and technical support, our company makes the following commitments:
  1. We promise to share the unified maintenance and after-sales service treatment of our company's service network for the mobile stage sold, and store enough spare parts in the warehouse of the department's maintenance center, so as to provide customers with excellent after-sales service and technical support for the mobile stage more quickly and efficiently.
  2. We PROMISE TO RESPOND WITHIN 8 HOURS AFTER RECEIVING the REPAIR REQUEST (including telephone notification) and negotiate the service plan for the customer.
  3. For my company production and sales of the mobile stage, to provide the whole machine warranty period of two years of service. After the expiration of the warranty period, the company shall carry out lifelong maintenance services and technical support for the mobile stage vehicles produced and sold by our company until the mobile stage vehicles reach the statutory end-of-life period.
  4. HUAYAUN Stage truck is committed to free theoretical and practical operation training for the operators of the unit in accordance with our training plan, until the operators master and can handle common sense faults alone.
  5. For the service of after-sales service personnel, we humbly accept the supervision of users, and set up a complaint telephone, for the violation of discipline requirements in the service, service is not in place to supervise the situation, the evaluation of users as after-sales service and after-sales service personnel in the daily assessment of an important part.
  6. to establish a regular return visit system to register the use of customers, real-time needs of customers, rationalization suggestions, etc., and to solve the problem in a timely manner.
  7. After the vehicle maintenance period, our company will continue to provide long-term preferential technical services and parts supply services for the project, including technical support, quick response to faults, technical consultation of relevant personnel and all parts at preferential prices.
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HUAYUAN Stage Truck implements lifelong technical support for the product and equipment produced and sold until the equipment reaches the legal life limit for scrapping.
Content of technical services:
  1. Technical service in vehicle production, seriously accept reasonable suggestions and schemes put forward by customers, and apply them to products in a timely manner.
  2. Put forward reasonable design change suggestions according to the specific situation of contract implementation.
  3. Participate in the whole process of vehicle inspection, testing, demonstration, delivery and use.
  4. Technical services after vehicle acceptance.
  5. Answer technical questions raised by customers.
  6. Collect customers' suggestions, technical problems and solutions to failures, form a knowledge base, and timely send them to customers by email or short message to avoid similar problems and failures.
Each mobile stage truck and trailer is a child of HUAYUAN, which is your valuable asset. Our work is to ensure that your mobile stage can perfectly complete every activity and event with the best performance, so as to bring profits for you continuously.
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