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Box hydraulic stage/stage trailer/stage truck/semi-trailer stage/How are they different!

DATE: Feb 17th, 2023
Mobile stage provides a flexible and dynamic performance area, which can be easily transported to different activity locations, so it is loved and respected by the majority of users. There are several types of mobile stage to choose from, each with its own unique features and advantages. HUAYUAN, a mobile stage manufacturer, will explore the differences between four popular types of mobile stages: container hydraulic stages, stage trailers, stage trucks and semi-trailer stages.

The containerized hydraulic stage can be transported as a separate cargo. All you need to do is to make or rent a trailer bottom plate or semi-hanging plate or skeleton car in accordance with local laws and regulations, and fix the container stage box on it through corner pieces to form a mobile stage vehicle.

The reverse lifting of stage, ceiling and leg is completed by hydraulic system.

Container stage is equipped with container standard corner parts at the bottom of the box, which are fixed on the trailer or semi-hanging bottom plate through the container torsional lock connection, making the installation and disassembly easier and more reliable.

Container stage is applicable to all countries and has strong universality. Also greatly reduced shipping costs, especially the trailer mounted on the amount of container stage only need to be shipped in 40HC shipping containers.

The four hydraulic legs of the stage trailer stand are detachable, which not only supports the moving stage, but also ensures the overall stability of the stage trailer. Often used for concerts, event productions, and other live events.

Container hydraulic stage

mobile stage

Stage trailer has no power and needs a pickup truck or SUV to drag it to different venues. The trailer stage is a stage box built on the chassis of the trailer controlled by a hydraulic system. The stage can be opened, closed and lifted by a lever or remote control. The trussed structure also features lighting switch sockets at the top of the stage, providing a comprehensive solution for your sound and lighting systems. Simple operation and versatile options make it the best mobile stage for touring bands, festivals and other outdoor events.


stage trailer

mobile stage trailer

Stage truck consists of a truck chassis and a hydraulic stage box. It has its own power and can be built through a hydraulic system without generators or mains electricity. The e stage truck can be adapted to more complex road conditions, so it is more suitable for rural evangelism, lectures, Red Cross campaigns and other outdoor activities.


stage truck

mobile stage truck

Semi-trailer stages are larger than stage trailers or stage trucks and are suitable for large events that require a lot of stage space. A semi-trailer stage is mounted on a semi-trailer and can accommodate a variety of equipment, including lights, sound and video. Semi-trailer stages can be set up in a matter of hours, providing performers with significant stage space.


mobile stage manufacturer

mobile stage semi-trailer

Main differences between these types of mobile stages are their size, mobility, and setup time. Container hydraulic mobile stage is suitable for any country, but requires the use of a local purchase or lease of a carrier. Stage trailers are suitable for touring shows and outdoor events that require frequent movement. Stage trucks are the most mobile and suitable for outdoor events that require quick installation and disassembly. The semi-trailer stage is the largest of these stages, providing significant stage space and accommodating a variety of equipment suitable for large-scale concerts, political speeches, Red Cross campaigns and church evangelism.

In summary, the best type of mobile stage for an event depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the event, the equipment required, and the level of mobility required. Each type of mobile stage has its own unique characteristics and advantages that make it suitable for different types of events. Whether it's a container hydraulic stage, a stage trailer, a stage truck or a semi-trailer stage, a mobile stage provides a flexible and dynamic performance area that can be adapted to different event needs, making it an important tool for performers and event organisers.
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