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DATE: Feb 10th, 2023
-HUAYUAN mobile stage to help your activity more wonderful

On June 10, 2017, the music team of Quilombel RV held the two-day "Guilin Quilombel RV Music Carnival" in the Lijiang River Carefree Lake Scenic spot in Guilin, Guangxi, which is known as "the best landscape in Guilin". With several groups of star singers, bands, dozens of luxury motor homes and the largest and only Transformers mobile stage truck in China provided by HUAYUAN, a mobile stage manufacturer, and brilliant lighting and sound, the "Blue Group" led by Xu Wei will appear in the final stage. On the stage truck in the scenic area of Xiaoyao Lake in Guilin, the fans were given a wonderful musical performance!
mobile stage truck

With much expectation, the famous rock singer Xu Wei and his top blue band arrived at the music carnival of the Colombert RV in Xiaoyao Lake, Guilin. Tens of thousands of fans came from all over the country to join in the crossover feast, which lasted until late at night. Xu Wei, who had planned to sing six songs, sang eight of them in one breath, making the music fans ecstasy. From Lao Wolf, Luo Qi, Black Panther Band, Shuimuaniao and Xu Wei, as more and more big stars join in the Quilombert RV music Carnival, the crossover integration lifestyle of RV travel + mobile stage music scene is getting more and more attention from people from all walks of life, and the recognition is also getting higher and higher. There are many famous brand sponsorship gifts sent non-stop. To the audience surprise again and again, linger.

Since the beginning of 2017, with the wonderful journey season after season, our mobile stage trucks and stage semitrailers have completed nearly 150,000 kilometers of China crossing with Quilombert. Quilombert is becoming a new cultural phenomenon, attracting fans, travelers and crossover people from all over the world. And in every MIDI music Festival, this new way of life is more and more popular. Celebrities in the culture and tourism industry, investment circles and Internet circles have been paying keen attention to the new crossover operation mode of Grenbel RV travel + mobile stage music scene. HUAYUAN mobile stage truck will fight alongside Grenbel in the future, making this new RV music travel lifestyle go to the whole country and lead the whole people to share it.
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