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Mobile Stage Manufacturer HUAYUAN Wish you a Happy Lantern Festival!

DATE: Feb 4th, 2023
HUAYUAN mobile stage truck tells you about the Lantern Festival in China
Origin of the Lantern Festival 
● legend of the Lantern Festival
● What are the activities of the Lantern Festival
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Origin of the Lantern Festival 

The Lantern Festival, one of the traditional festivals in China, is also known as the Shangyuan Festival, the Little First Moon, the New Year's Eve or the Lantern Festival. The time is the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar.
The Lantern Festival originated from the ancient Chinese tradition of turning on lanterns to pray for good luck. It is also said that when Emperor Wen of Han Dynasty, it was set up to commemorate "Ping Lu". According to legend, the first line of Empress Lu launched a rebellion. After the rebellion, the 15th day of the first month of Emperor Wen of Han Dynasty was designated as the day of rejoicing with the people. According to Taoism, the fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the Shangyuan Festival. The "Shangyuan" is under the jurisdiction of the heaven official, so lanterns are burned on this day. It is also said that it originated from the "Torch Festival" in the Han Dynasty when people drove away insects and beasts.
The fifteenth day of the first lunar month had been attached great importance in the Western Han Dynasty, but the Lantern Festival really became a national folk festival after the Han and Wei Dynasties. The rise of the custom of burning lanterns on the fifteenth day of the first month is also related to the east transmission of Buddhism, Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty, officials and people generally in the fifteenth day of the day "burning lanterns for Buddha", Buddhist lights throughout the folk, since the Tang Dynasty, lantern lantern is a legal thing.

legend of the Lantern Festival

According to legend, Emperor Wudi had a favorite named Dongfang Shuo. He was kind and funny. One winter day, after a few days of heavy snow, Dongfang Shuo went to the imperial garden to fold plum blossoms to the emperor. Just into the garden gate, found a palace maid tears ready to throw into the well. Dongfang Shuo hurriedly stepped forward to rescue, and asked her to commit suicide. The maid's name was Yuanxiao, and she had two parents and a younger sister at home. She has not seen her family since she entered the palace. Every year when spring comes, I miss my family more than usual. I'd rather die than be filial to my parents. Dongfang Shuo heard her story, deeply sympathized, and assured her that he would try to reunite her with her family. One day, Dongfang Shuo out of the palace in Chang 'an Street on a divination stall. Many people tried to read the fortune to him. Unexpectedly, everyone took up the request, was "the 16th day of the first month burned" sign. For a moment, there was a great panic in Chang 'an. People are asking for solutions to the disaster. Dongfang Shuo said, "On the evening of the 13th day of the first lunar month, the God of Fire will send a goddess in red clothes to visit everywhere. She is the envoys from burning Chang 'an. I will give you a copy of the imperial decree. After saying that, he threw down a red post and walked away. The people picked up the red post and hurried to the palace to report to the emperor. Emperor Wudi took a look, I saw it read: "Chang 'an in the robbery, burning emperor Que, fifteen days of fire, fire red snack", he was shocked, hurriedly invited the resourceful Dongfang Shuo. Dongfang Shuo pretended to think for a moment and said, "I heard that the God of Fire loves tangyuan most. Doesn't Yuanxiao in the palace often make tangyuan for you? Fifteen nights can let Yuanxiao do tangyuan. Long live to burn incense, Kyoto every family do dumplings, worship the God of fire together. Then he ordered the people to hang lanterns on the fifteenth night and set off firecrackers and fireworks all over the city, as if the city were on fire. In this way, the Jade Emperor could be fooled. In addition, we informed the people outside the city to go into the city on the fifteenth night to watch lanterns and eliminate disasters among the crowd." After hearing this, the emperor was very happy and sent a decree to do it according to the way of Dongfang Shuo.

On the 15th day of the first month, Chang 'an City is decorated with lanterns and decorations, and visitors are bustling. Yuanxiao's parents also brought her younger sister to the city to watch the lanterns. When they saw the big palace lanterns with the words "Yuanxiao" written on them, they shouted in surprise: "Yuanxiao! Yuanxiao!" Yuanxiao heard the shouts and finally reunited with her relatives at home.
After such a busy night, Chang 'an was safe and sound. Emperor Wudi was so happy that he ordered to make glutinous rice balls for the God of Fire on the fifteenth day of the first month. Because Yuanxiao makes the best dumplings, people call them Yuanxiao, and this day is called Lantern Festival.

What are the activities of the Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China. The Lantern Festival mainly includes a series of traditional folk activities, such as watching lanterns, eating dumplings on floats, guessing lantern riddles, setting off fireworks, and parade on floats. In addition, many places have added the Lantern Festival dragon lantern, lion dance, stilt walking, land boat rowing, Yangko dance, playing Taiping drum and other traditional folk performances. In June 2008, Lantern Festival was selected as the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

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